I took redundancy a while back, but since that point I have taken less images and  been on less trips than I have for a long time. One reason is it’s an opportunity to get some decorating done. The day fills up, time to take images slips by. Meanwhile, this guy is completely unhurried – the sun shines, the food is plenty what’s to worry about? Completely concerned with another kind of crunch, he/she occupies another world.

Large White Caterpillar

Large White Caterpillar - Pieris brassicae

Taken in my garden, literally just outside the back door. We’ve had a lot of Large Whites flying about in this part of N. London, and there seem to be a number of these caterpillars about, but I didn’t put the 2 events together until I did the i.d.. Taken at the end of August.

What: Close up of Large White caterpillar,  Pieris brassicae

How: Oly E-3,  Zuiko 50mm macro, 1.4tc, 1/160s, f8

Why: Bright subject colours, and the set of horizontal lines – edge of leaf, leaf vein, and caterpillar markings.

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