…must be a very rich one.

I was in Hatfield Forest a couple of weeks ago, and I came across a family of grebes having breakfast. Well, it seemed like it to me, being very early in the morning.

Before we start, I must say that the “book” on Grebes tells you that – “The Crested Grebe feeds mainly on fish, but also little crustaceans, insects and small frogs.”. Also that the Mother feeds the young early on smaller items, with the Father taking over as they grow, and fetching the larger food.

I’m on the boardwalk by the lake, near the teashop (closed – too early!), looking out over the lake, when I hear a splash at my feet. Either I had disturbed it, or it had been in the process of killing it’s prey, I’m not sure, but I just managed to catch a Grebe making off with it’s precious catch, a Lobster.

Hang on tho’, you don’t get Lobsters in lakes! So it must a, err, Crayfish? But that’s a huge Crayfish. Did I read something about American Crayfish sometime ago? They must be from Texas.

As we see in a bit this is the mother, and that is not a “small crustacean” – this family have not read the book. So the Grebe swims off, and tries to feed it to it’s chick – right!

First of all the Chick seems interested, but for some strange reason, doesn’t know what to do with it. It can’t hold the food, and it drops in the water.

This is literally, rinsed, and repeated for some time.

Dad eventually hoves into view, to give the benefit of his advice, while Junior is beginning to get a bit fed up with being told he can’t have his dessert unless he eats his meat.

Grebe feeding young

Mum gets a bit fed up with Junior, while he complains to Dad about not getting the Turkey nuggets he normally has…

Mother Grebe gets fed up

Mother Grebe is not about to waste this food – down in a couple of gulps!


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