A word of explanation really. I have a (newish) zenphoto gallery directly “beneath” this blog – zenphoto -this where you may have been directed if you were looking for events or wedding images. And there is was another site (Clikpic) where I have had images for a couple of years. This latter site is commercial, and since I built this blog site, I worked out it is better for me to store my images in the zenphoto gallery. For one thing I can password protect any albums I need to, and I can store many more images here. Plus it has search facilities etc.

So the sites are in transition at the moment, and as soon as I have put the images from the Clikpic gallery into my zenphoto one, I will close the clikpic one down.  But if you find yourself over on “Clikpic”, you will notice you can’t get back to zenphoto by clicking – you need to re-enter the url.

And “Catsnaps”, for those who know about it, will also go – I can put friends and family photos on zenphoto, and password protect. Then just the one site to manage – phew!