A heads up, just in case you weren’t aware,  that Adobe are about to release the latest version of Photoshop, version CS5. It has been trailed for a couple of weeks now, but the official launch is Monday 12th April.

Adobe CS5 launch logo

You can find out all about it here, where you can register for an on-line webcast.

But be aware that whilst this is called a “launch”, it’s really a tease – you won’t be able to buy it until later in the year, at least a month later at the earliest anyway. I think that there’s been a number of rumours – a few people have been helping out with the beta and have been itching to tell all, so this is Adobe’s way of going formal with the features that will be made available.

What’s in it for me?

Well there is something called “content aware scaling” (or “fill” depending on where you look), which is a fancy name for a smart cloning tool. From what I can see, instead of tedious brush strokes with clone stamp/healing brush, this will do the work for you. If it saves time, and looks good, then this is going to go down well with pro photographers, where time is money.

Now as a Nature photographer, you and I don’t do cloning do we?

Weeeelll, maybe a bit of “gardening”, you know, just a bit of weeding, to remove dead leaves on the ground, branches distracting from birds in the trees, filling in the edges of those panorama shots where you took a couple less shots than you should have… so it builds into something that could save a lot of time and effort.

I think I saw something that is going to help with HDR (“high dynamic range”) shots, to end those over-grey clouds.

And maybe it will be faster too, they always say that don’t they, but of course, again anything that saves time… But there might be a 64 bit version for the MAC, and possibly better tuning on the PC.

Something to look out for if you are on version CS or earlier, and thinking of upgrading to CS5 – I believe that upgrading will only be allowed back 3 versions, so you may want to consider your options on upgrading to CS 4 now, if you need these features of CS5.

No word on prices as yet, maybe that will be made known on Monday.

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