Canadian Rockies Blog Part 2.


Having sorted out the question of taking a 300mm f2.8 lens or not, I needed to decide on the other lenses required.

Angel Glacier, nr. Mt. Edith Cavell

Angel Glacier, nr. Mt. Edith Cavell - Olympus E-330, Zuiko 7-14mm

Some common questions for anyone going on a trip like this –
• what are you going to be taking images of,
• what quality of images do you want/need,
• how much volume/weight can you carry?

Some people going on trips are going to be tourists pure and simple, and so if not a point and shoot then a E-300/330, and a 18-180mm could be a good lightweight travel option.

But I concentrate on wildlife, landscapes and travel (buildings/people), in roughly that order (depends where I am!). So 50-200mm, 14-54, 50mm macro, and 7-14mm were the order of the day, with the TC-14, and EX-25. Based on the results, I can tell you that the 50-200, and 14-54, and TC-14 were used a lot, the 7-14mm a bit, and the 50mm macro the least. If you had the 11-22mm instead of the 7-14mm that would be a good swap. Now the 12-60mm has arrived you have even more flexibility, and might even leave out the wide angle zoom altogether.

The 14-54mm has some close-focus capabilities, and can be used with the EX-25, so in theory I could have left the 50mm behind. The problem is that it is probably the sharpest of all the lenses mentioned, and can be used for people, general shots and macros – it’s real small, and I would take it again given the opportunity.

One of the major benefits of the Digital Zuikos, other than the 7-14mm, is that the lenses are relatively small. Rather than allow me to take more lenses I won’t use, I am able to put in other gear that helps me, of which more later. Bear in mind that this trip involved some long walks, as a lot of my trips do, so weight is a major consideration. Time of year plays a part too, because you need to have the right clothing, and ability to change with the conditions, so you need additional space leeway.

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