Gray Jay in isolation

Colorado Grey Jay

We quite often like to see and photograph nature subjects as close as we can get – we get see certain features in close up, maybe an expression, but certainly fur/feather detail and colouration, with any background (“bg”) details rendered out of focus. Such a photo as this, of a Grey (or Gray) Jay.

A better example would have the subject larger in the frame, with a really blurred background. But you can see the colours, and some feather detail.

A caveat, which is that these images were taken on a compact, so with a DSLR one should expect more isolation of the subject.

Now by accident, when looking for identification confirmation (I’m not a native of the US, and needed to know what this was), that I found out that one of this bird’s  nickname is “The Camp Robber”, for its scavenging from humans.

So you can see from the first image that it is close to habitation (despite being a “native of conifer forests”). If I expand

the crop we get more of a clue to this nature – what has the bird got it’s eye on?

Gray Jay and Bin

Gray Jay and Bin

Here in the second image we see a not very picturesque rubbish bin.

It seems the bird has a more than healthy interest in this feature!

The last image now shows why this bird deserves it’s nickname.

Not far from it’s forest home, but displaying the behaviour that earns it’s nickname. It’s slightly humourous, but would it win any prizes as a photo image?

The animal in its environment picture tells us a lot about behaviour, whether its pretty or ugly.

Grey Jay and Bin 2

“Robber” Grey Jay at the Bin

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