…is advice I’ve heard and read, and what I know about at the moment is building a Blog.

I have customised a WordPress theme – “Amazing Grace” by Vladimir Prelovac, to mirror the look and feel of my Image site.

Quite an experience, as this all new to me, but I’ve got close quite quickly, and there will be tweaks to come no doubt.

The reason for this site is that my image site is quite restricted in what it can do as far as blogging is concerned. Clikpic is excellent as a way to get a quick site up and running, especially if you don’t want to worry about coding/building a site – just concentrate on the images.

With this site I have the freedom to blog and get comments, but link back to my images as and when needed.

Feel free to let me know if you like the look and feel – talk to you soon.


[n.b. I will be commenting more on computer topics, under a technical section, since this is now such an important element of a photographers skill set.]

Update – 16/09 – I have added a plug-in called Lightbox Plus , from Dan Zappone. So when you hover over an image and the cursor changes to a “grab”, the image is enlarged. So far I think this works a treat – the reader selects if they want to see a larger image.

Update – 18/09 – Tweaking, tweaking! Changed out Lightbox Plus for Shutter Reloaded. LightBox Plus had a light background, and a frame around the image which is good if you want that. But Shutter Reloaded has a darker background so you can see the image clearer, and is much quicker at loading. Both plugins are better than the basic WordPress method.

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