Snowy Willow Tree

Willow in Snow by the Lake

Sometimes we might think that we need to travel half way across the world to get the best landscape or nature photographs, but there are plenty of benefits to staying local – getting to know your patch means becoming aware of the possibilities – knowing how the light changes through the day and across the seasons, and then being able to be on the spot when it comes together.

The  recent weather (December/January!)  is a major case in point – a shot of  something I’ve waited some years for – and a second which was an unanticipated surprise. The first was in the local park – and some scenes around a  lake which I had been thinking would throw up some possibilities given some ice and snow.

What brought it to life for me though was some added sun, patches of  blue sky, and an interesting foreground subject.

The second image was completely unexpected in both location and time.

St. Johns in the Snow

St. John's in the snow, evening before Christmas 2009.

Trudging back through the snow from the local shops, whilst the main road was gridlocked with noise and pandemonium ensuing, just before Christmas, I turned the corner, and found as oasis of peace and warmth. Now I’m no church-goer, but it looked like a picture book setting given the right angles, and was a possibility not to be thrown up.  I walked home and back again with my kit, (making sure my feet got properly wet!), and took a few long exposures in the evening light.

This could be next year’s card.

Both taken within walking distance of my home.


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