This one is for photographers/Photoshop users. I collect actions and filters like some people collect football cards. I have them, but they get stored away, and I forget what they were supposed to be good for.

So today I picked up another one, but this one seemed to have a bit more about it – a high pass sharpener (which I normally use), but with the option to selectively brush in the sharpening where needed only.

Magpie - pica pica

Feeding Magpie in Grass

So here I only want the bird sharpened – tick- but more than that, I can use the layer mask used to sharpen the bird, inverted, to then add a touch more blur to the background – double tick (maybe I should do more and remove those bush branches – can’t decide at the mo’).

I can think of  many examples where this can be used for wildlife/nature images.

The action is  available from David Taylor at SixtyOne North, and he’s a top man for supplying it gratis!

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1 Comment on Photoshop Actions

  1. Dave Taylor says:

    Hi Mark –
    Thanks for mentioning my action and website – very much appreciated. I hope the action works well for you and others, it is my pleasure to share with everyone! Take care and stay in touch.