Flushed with success from a relatively fast and error free install on my back-up machine, I launched into an install on my main machine.

And so begins a trail/trial of hours of frustration! Not going to document the whole story here but the main issue was lack of drivers for my

  1. Matrox vga card
  2. HP printer.

These were not issues that can be resolved by using Vista drivers.  No 1 was fudged by taking out my Nvidia card from the back up PC. The reason I use it as back up is because the colours are not as stable/accurate, and yes, photographers are fussy! I’ll just have to wait and see if Matrox get round to releasing updates.

Nvidia by the way are just a bit ahead of these guys – working functionality for the card comes via a beta driver!

No.2 looks like it’s not going away – it’s an old printer for sure, but that’s no reason why drivers can’t be updated – I use it for documents /webpages and the like, where I don’t want to waste the expensive inks of my photo printer. Which in contrast has had new drivers made available in good time, and are definitely a major improvement over previous files (HP B9180).

See   PC_World (“HP says windows 7 drivers are coming”).

and  PC_Advisor (“If your legacy product is not listed, no support is offered for Windows 7.”)

Update :- HP’s story on drivers here, but it’s not working for me!

It was my impression that MS and the 3rd party manufacturers had learnt lessons from the Vista release, and got everything in order in time for the release – I had 2 pre-release versions of Win 7 at least as far back as March to get used to it, so why can’t the manufacturers be prepared? Is it a case of being laggardly to encourage users to spend money on upgrading equipment? – that’s not very green when in all other respects this is good working equipment. And the worst of it are the frustrating hours tracking down potential solutions which in the end are just blind alleys.

Of course the alternative is going back to my previous set up (I took a cloned copy just in case of such an eventuality), and waiting to see if updates are forthcoming.

11/02/10 – Update – movement on the printer story, and a workround for the vga card – see part 3.

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